Bags Shrink Wrap Film 12x24cm


Shrink Wrap Bags 12-24cm

Now you can make all your products look professional.

Place your item on a piece of paper, 

Slide your products in, pull paper out, heat seal around the edges with a heat sealer (readily available from office supply stores or ebay or alternatively seal with a piece of tape.

With your heat gun on gentle heat (or a hair dryer), wave it over the product until it is nicely sealed and tight around your product (making it look professional and well finished)

*Note - bags are packed by weight not qty and may vary slightly

Please note measurements can vary by up to 1cm from batch to batch


  • Use the heat gun on low so you don't create holes in your shrink wrap
  • If a small hole appears, stop and apply a piece of clear sticky tape then continue
  • Turn your product front side down and heat from the back firstly to avoid seals on the front of your product