Bathing Crystals / Salts: Chocolate Indulgence


Decadant CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE Aromatherapy Bathing Salts

Pure Fragrant oils of: Peach with Australian Pink Clay

BEAUTIFUL! Create gorgeous healing "Bathing Bliss" for yourself or begin a new business!

Use as is or buy in bulk and package up yourself as a new product or gifts. Everyone will be love your creations with these beautiful & natural bathing salts.

  • Delicious all natural 100% Pure FRAGRANT OIL Of Chocolate - sure to delight! Mmm, smells refreshing!
  • Naturally colored with pure pigments
  • Pure kiln dried natural rock salt
  • Naturally softens the water
  • Naturally eases away aching backs & general muscle tiredness
  • Simply add a tablespoon to a bath & enjoy!
  • Safe for all - even babies & the elderly
  • Transport yourself to a tropical location with this gorgeous bathing bliss
  • Package up yourself for gorgeous gifts 
  • Indulge yourself with a scoop any time you like
  • *Note 200gm & 1kg bags are in silver and clear ziplock bags, 3kg and above are in clear bags
  • INGREDIENTS: Rock Salt, Pure Fragrant Oils, Pigment Colourant, Mica

Build a business easily or buy all your pre made gifts:

Add to your order: Jars, Labels, Stickers, Printable Adhesive Labels - Make all your own gifts for very little cost or start a market business. We also have listed kits & packaging supplies

To make a 200gm Jar of these Bathing Crystals will cost you around $1.39 + jar - Great Value

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