Beeswax Bar - Organic

Skin Care Bees Wax - For Lip Balms, Perfumes, Lipsticks, Luxury Skin Care Bases or candles.
  • Lovely solid bars of cosmetic beeswax
  • Whilst not certified Organic, it is from a local supplier that uses no chemicals
  • Product from Victoria, Australia
  • Delightful light "Honey" smell
  • Long lasting
  • Hard bars
“Varroa Destructor Mite" is a small mite that is causing the death of millions of bee colonies around the world. Australia is extremely lucky not to have Vaorra and because of this, Australian beekeepers do not need to chemically treat their hives to control the mite.
Some chemical residues from Varroa treatment find their way into the beeswax imported from overseas. It is for this reason that Australian beeswax has become world renowned - It is pure, clean and chemical free."
Very Simple To Use: Simply melt over a gentle heat source, add edible colours if desired (oil based) and flavours (oil based - do not use fragrances, they must be flavours), Olive Oil or edible oil and pour into a pot/tube to make your own balms.
We recommend 10-20% wax to oils

Aroma: Slight odour characteristic of honey.
Fragrancing: This product is not fragranced other than as supplied.
Colour: Uncoloured - pale yellow

Ingredient List:
Pure Beeswax

Note: Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use.