Beeswax Bar - Organic

Skin Care Bees Wax - For Lip Balms, Perfumes, Lipsticks, Luxury Skin Care Bases or candles.
  • Lovely solid bars of cosmetic beeswax
  • Whilst not certified Organic, it is from a local supplier that uses no chemicals
  • Product from Victoria, Australia
Very Simple To Use: Simply melt over a gentle heat source, add edible colours if desired (oil based) and flavours (oil based - do not use fragrances, they must be flavours), Olive Oil or edible oil and pour into a pot/tube to make your own balms.
We recommend 10-20% wax to oils

Aroma: Slight odour characteristic of honey.
Fragrancing: This product is not fragranced other than as supplied.
Colour: Uncoloured - pale yellow

Ingredient List:
Pure Beeswax

Note: Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use.