Black Schorl Tourmaline Gemstone Crystals 250gm



  • A beautiful selection, these are lovely prismatic mineral specimens
  • You can see the fascinating crystalline structure in their natural shape, sure to delight all.
  • 250gm
  • Quite rare & lovely
  • Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on display. A lovely gift for all.
  • SIZE: approx' 20-40mm each GEM, Qty of stones varies due to weight
  • * Actual gems may vary slightly from those shown in the picture above

TOURMALINE   (Pronounced Tor - mal - ene)

GEOLOGICAL :- Tourmaline is a transparent colorless, pink, red, yellow, brown, green, blue, violet, black or multi colored gem.

Some Tourmaline’s show a slight change of color in artificial light. In recent times they have been named by adding the color to the name, for example, they would be called yellow Tourmaline, or green Tourmaline, instead of the variety. Science has different names for them depending on their composition. They are as follows:

Buergerite = iron Tourmaline, Dravite = magnesium Tourmaline, Elbaite = Lithium Tourmaline, Schorl = iron Tourmaline, Tsilaisite = manganese Tourmaline, Uvite = magnesium Tourmaline.

HEALING :- The ‘Confidence Stone’, Tourmaline is a wonderful balance, due to It’s ability to produce negative and positive charges at either end. It can stimulate communication and co operation between opposing forces. Helping to relieve nervousness and encourage self assurance.

It is tranquil, calming and beneficial for the lymphatic and digestive systems, assisting balance of endocrine system, insomnia and strengthening body and mind.

The above healing information is an extract from Esoteric Gemmology © Lesley Mitchell.