Incense Sticks Natural Unscented Sandalwood



Create gorgeous healing incense for yourself or begin a new business 

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Would you like to easily make your own incense?

For gifts or perhaps to sell? Everyone will love your creations with these beautiful incense blanks designed to go with the Renascent incense making kit.

Making incense from scratch is relatively messy and time consuming - getting it right so it stays alight and doesn't fall off the stick has always been a bit tricky. (Not to mention many incense is made with strong chemicals)

 No matter now - using beautiful pure sandalwood based pre made incense sticks - you can add your own fragrances and healing essences. You can even colour it.

Soak these incense sticks in oil to make your own new scents and to save much more than you would by buying pre-made incense

*All Quantity and lengths may vary from bundle to bundle as they are packaged by weight, but should be approximately equal per stick (sometimes sticks are thicker so you get a little less, sometimes thinner, so you get a little more)

A simple way to make your own incense is using unscented incense blanks and adding scent. You may either soak in fragrant or essential oils and create all-natural incense.

Essential oils may be a little more expensive yet bring the pure fragrance and essence of the plant. Fragrant oils provide some lovely scents not always available in other forms.

To make it as cost effective as possible; fill a tube completely with incense blanks. The blanks will occupy a lot of the space, allowing you to scent them with as little as 10-15mLs of oil to coat the incense.
A test tube vial is perfect - some people even use the icy pop silicone containers(check for stability with your oils firstly and do not use for food after)

Allow the incense blanks to soak in the oils for several 
hours. Remove the sticks and allow to dry in a well-ventilated area. Dry gentle over 1-2 days away from direct sun.

They must be fully dried and the use of a dehydrator may assist. If not fully dried and then seal mould can occur, always leave a little air hole in the packaging to assist with this.

When burning hand scented incense may not be as fragrant as commercially bought, however you may choose your own scents and the health benefits of essential oils outweigh this.


  • Blend Fragrant Oils or Essential Oils 
  • Pour into a spray bottle or squirt bottle, Shake well.
  • Place iuncense blanks into a bag or container, spray the incense sticks on one side,rotate sticks and spray the other side, continue until coated.
  • You may also gently rub sticks through bag until coated.
  • Seal container or bag, rest for 24 hours to concentrate scent
  • Dry 24 to 48 hours.

NB: Always test your completed incense including burn fragrance.

Caution: To prevent fire, burn incense within sight, never leave unattended or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Place on a stable heat-resistant surface. Do not touch or move incense while burning or when it is hot. Keep away from draughts.

Please note some fragrance and essential oils can damaged surfaces and have adverse skin reactions always wear gloves and test before use


*Please note packaged by weight (Approximately 1 stick per gram)

EG: 450gm = 400-500 sticks approximately
and could be a little more or less than the qty per weight

Each incense stick is approximately 25-26cm long

See our incense kits for more information!