Blessed Incense Sticks



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Created for the first time ever - Plain Sandalwood Incense base, blessed by a Qi Gong, Feng Shui, Reiki Master

A beautiful range of incense for healing, refreshing a room and space clearing.

Perfect for house blessings, spiritual smudging, space clearing.

To use: light an incense stick, evoke a sense of reverence, 'invite' in the blessing to your environment & allow the smoke to waft throughout (you may choose to waft throughout the entire home by carrying it about 

(*Please be very careful the burning tip does not alight with anything else or drop off onto the floor if you are moving, it is best in an incense burner where none can drop and burn)

For space clearing, smudging the aura or simply to freshen an environment and fill with delightful aromas.

You environment will fill with lovely cleansing, healing energies.

Burn every day to keep the environment fresh and uplifted.

Unscented (although does have a natural smell)

*Each package contains approximately 20-30 sticks, enough for over a month of uplifted energies

No added colorings or fragrance (artificial) oils. Their aroma is natural and peaceful (like in a temple) as well as soul healing and balancing.  

*Quantity and lengths may vary from bundle to bundle