Bubble Bear Bathing Silicone Mould


BUBBLE BEAR SOAP MOULD -Soap/Candles/Melts,crafts

 Adorable little bear scrubbing in the bath - silicone soap/candle mould

Approximate SIZE of finished soap: 60mm wide X 40mm High x 20mm deep

  • 1 Shape in the mould Super cute 
  • Pour your melted, coloured and scented soap into the shape until it is filled (or as much as you like), Allow to set, unmould 
  • The above images were made by: Pouring 1 colour soap into the mould - you can also try Dusting Renascent coloured shimmer powder into the mould and then filling with melted Renascent soap base. 
  • Please note - this listing is for the mould, not the finished items
  • Our soap moulds are all hand made (in Australia, by an Australian Family business) and may have tiny imperfections on the side or a pattern throughout, rest assured, they will make soaps exactly like the ones in the above images

*Please note - your mould may be other colours than the images