Candelilla Wax (Vegan)


Luxury Candelilla Beads or Flakes; Yellow Cosmetic Wax

  • Simple, easy, natural
  • Warm, sweet and naturally scented
  • Excellent oil binding
  • Produces remarkable hardness
  • High gloss characteristics
  • Faint smell
  • Oil soluble
  • Excellent characteristics for use in the manufacturing of lip sticks.

Candelilla Is a plant with slender, waxy gray-green stems. After rains, the stems are covered with tiny Flowers in shades of beige and pink. Candelilla grows in  upright group / clumps of stems.

Candelilla is a natural substance obtained from the coating of the Euphorbia Cerifera plant or also known as the "wax slipper plant" or from the wild growing herbacious plant family Euphorbica Antisyphilitica. Candelilla wax is obtained by boiling the plant (which allows the wax to separate from the plant material). As the wax floats up to the surface, it is skimmed off and processed, making it suitable as a Vegan thickening option.

Candelilla is often used as a thickener, emulsifier or stiffening agent in various cosmetics, as well as other uses such as polishing furniture and carvings. Candelilla wax is known for its excellent oil binding, high gloss, remarkable hardness and faint smell. It is safe to use on skin and is most commonly used in the production of lipsticks.

Ingredients: Euphorbia Cerifera Cera

Appearance: Solid yellow flakes

Odour: Faint smell

Viscosity: Solid

Solubility: Oil soluble

Melting Point: 68.5-72.5

Recommendations: Cosmetic products

    Create your balms & Salves by adding melted Candelilla to oils & salves.

    Make your own salves:

    Just add 7-20% wax to chosen oil, melt, add herbs / oils / flavour oils if desired & pour into container to set

    To Harden a pre-made Balm Base, add up to 1-10% of Candelilla wax to the melted balm base. 

    Note: Individuals receiving this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use.