Chiastolite Jerusalem Cross Genuine Gemstones Polished


Chiastolite Beautiful POLISHED MINERAL SPECIMENS, unique, crystals, rare

  • large tumbled  Chiastolite gemstones
  • They are also known as Jerusalem cross as they have a unique cross like pattern in the centre of the stone some more pronounced than others
  • You will be getting unique and hand selected stones from our Showroom selection 
  • Each gemstone is approximately 25 mm 
  •  smooth tumbled genuine Chiastolite
  • In varying shades of natural earthy colours these genuine  Chiastolite are quite large pieces and sure be treasured by any gemstone Enthusiast or collector
  • It is rare to find Chiastolite in this size for this price
  • You are purchasing 1 gemstones with this listing however you can purchase as many as you like to save on shipping costs