Glow in the dark PLASTIC CRITTERS INSECTS Toys / Embeds


Charge up with a light and  these fun creepy critters will glow away 

So fun for toys, fetes, soaps, cute little fish! 
To make 'CRITTER IN A SOAP - Use for crafts or just great plastic toys. The kids will love it - A great gift idea
*Note - they do need to be charged up with light to glow, the longer the charge the longer they will glow

Make your own Soap Art Soap:

  • You are getting a selection of critters/insects
  • Approx' 15-50mm (5cm) - Please note colours and style may vary a little
  • great for special gifts! 
  • Great fun idea for kids parties, school projects or rainy day activities AND you end up with a lovely craft you can use
  • We also stock the clear soap base, fragrance and essential oils, isopropyl alcohol, shimmers, rock salt, Bags, Ribbons, twist tie ribbons and natural pigment dyes
  • A fantastic gift for kids - at around $1 each, fantastic for school fetes too
  • *In the images there are also some fish in a bag soaps, just shown for ideas - yuou are buying the glow critters (not the fish)
  • Your critter may go clear in the soap bar and then show up as a glow once charged with light - fun - hidden treat
  • *NOTE - These toys are small and may present a choking hazard, not for use for children under 4years of age.

To make your Glow Critter soap: 

    • Melt your Original Crystal Clear Renascent soap base (microwave or stove top)
    • Add a few drops of your chosen Renascent fragrance
    • Pour soap into a soap mould to three quarters full
    • Allow to set
    • Spritz with isopropyl alcohol and place critter on top quickly covering with remaining clear soap
    • If you prefer your critter to be embedded you can add him in the above process of first pour and fill up
    • Unmould