Crystal Sparkle Soap Paint


So pretty and Sparkly - Crystal Sparkle Glitter Soap Paint - Body Safe

Bring your soaps to life with these exquisite, high quality body safe paints

Hand paint on your finished soaps to add details, special effects and turn a cake of soap into finished art.

Looking for something for the kids to do, give them a soap bar, brush and paint and let them create their own masterpieces.

Creating beautiful soaps just became easy! Fantastic Colours, Easily Blended for unique custom colours.

  • Skin & Body Safe
  • Brighten up dull or boring (or failed) soaps
  • Quick Drying, 2nd coat can be applied in minutes
  • Thick coverage (may need a few coats)
  • Can be mixed with melted soaps to colour also
  • Metallics will sparkle and shimmer
  • You can add glitters and shimmers to your paints for special effects
  • Non Bleeding
  • Safe & Non Toxic
  • Suitable for melt and Pour & Cold Pressed
  • Use only a tiny amount per paint - highly concentrated
  • No animal products
  • 15ml Glass Pot with Wadded lid to prevent drying out
    *TIP - Store upside down to create a seal and prolong the life of your paints