Crystal Light Balancing Colour Therapy Glasses


Introducing Renascent Crystal Light Balancing Color Therapy Eyeglasses

Experience the future of holistic healing with our new range of Color Therapy Eyeglasses from the Renascent Crystal Light Balancing system. Designed to complement our renowned healing practices, these innovative eyeglasses harness the power of color to restore balance, enhance well-being, and promote inner harmony.

Why Choose Our Color Therapy Eyeglasses?

  • Enhanced Healing: Each pair is crafted to integrate seamlessly with our Crystal Light Balancing system, amplifying its therapeutic effects.
  • Eight Vibrant Colors: Choose from eight unique colors, each carefully selected to target specific energy centers and emotional states.
  • Holistic Well-being: By filtering light through our specially designed lenses, these glasses help to balance your mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of calm and rejuvenation.
  • Stylish & Comfortable: Our eyeglasses are not only effective but also stylish and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday use.

Discover the Power of Color

  • Red: Ignite passion and energy.
  • Orange: Foster creativity and joy.
  • Yellow: Enhance clarity and focus.
  • Green: Promote healing and balance.
  • Blue: Encourage calm and relaxation.
  • Indigo: Deepen intuition and insight.
  • Violet: Elevate spiritual awareness.
  • Pink: Cultivate love and compassion.

Join the growing community of individuals who are transforming their lives through the power of color therapy. Embrace the Renascent Crystal Light Balancing Color Therapy Eyeglasses and step into a world where healing and harmony are just a shade away.

Order Yours Today!

Unlock the potential of color therapy and experience a new dimension of well-being. Visit our website or contact us directly to find out more and place your order. Your journey to balance and healing begins with a single glance.

Crystal light balancing color therapy glasses for practitioners and home use.

Designed to work with and complement the Crystal Light Balancing, colour system of healing.

These glasses can be used to boost the color energy healing to each of the meridians when it is not possible for you to receive a full Crystal Light Balancing clinic session.

Alternatively to increase the effectiveness of Crystal Light Balancing color healing session these glasses may be used by the practitioner during the healing session.

  • COLOR THERAPY GLASSES: Wear color therapy glasses for 10 to 30 minutes at a time for best results
  • DESIGN: Colored frames and color matching tinted lens. High quality pvc ultimate frame with stainless steel hinges with scratch-resistant lenses
  • START TODAY: Feel the power of mood-balancing chromotherapy at its finest, all while looking stylish and feeling fantastic.
  • CREATED FOR ALL: One size fits all color tinted glasses that fit everybody's face
  • FULL COLOR PACK: Pack of 8 to use whichever color provides the benefit you need whenever you need it

Method of use in the Crystal Light Balancing System:

  • Utilizing the normal Crystal Light Balancing system of healing, Determine which meridian or acupuncture point is in need of healing with the Crystal Light Balancing torch.
  • Access the imbalanced emotional state to locate the underlying issue. Once this has been determined you will know the colour you are working with from the Crystal Light Balancing Manual.
  • Place The appropriate colour glasses on the patient whilst you are Running the color torch along the Meridian or holding  over the acupuncture point with the appropriate colour also in the torch.
  • Ask the patient to open their eyes and look through the glasses whilst you are doing the healing.
  • The Crystal Light Balancing Colour Glasses Have been specifically designed with the appropriate shade and hue of colour to produce the best and highest quality of healing.
  • (You will not achieve the same level of healing by simply using colored glass or colored cellophane)
  • If a further color is required as the next step in your Crystal Light Balancing, repeat the above procedure using the next pair of  Crystal Light Balancing colored glasses.
  • NOTE: The Renascent Crystal Light Balancing system works on the Chinese 5 elements for healing and as such requires the following colours: Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green.
    For white we do not use a colour in the glasses and we include some extra colours for if people wish to use them outside of the Renascent Crystal Light Balancing system for rebalancing the chakras. For the Crown or Higher self/overself, we generally use white light on the pineal/crown hence no colour glass is required for this, just some light.


To use the Crystal Light Balancing colour Glasses For yourself outside of a clinic session:

  • Use Kinesiology, pendulums or what ever method you have of determining your correction. Locate the main underlying emotional causes.
  • Focusing on the imbalanced emotional state put on the Crystal Light Balancing glasses. Look in all directions through the glasses while focusing on any areas in your life that the emotion in question may be relating to.
  • Allow  your self to feel and experience any memories that may arise in relation to that negative emotional state. They may be in relation to your self or to another person either way is fine it is possible to be part of your healing, just focus on any issues that emotional state arises within you.
  • Looking through The Crystal Light Balancing Glasses, Breathe deeply and think about anything else that that emotion may bring up within you.
  • When you find your mind wandering from that emotional states and it doesn't  feel that important for you you know you have gone a long way to releasing this negative state.


You can strengthen this healing by also using the appropriate Renascent Crystal Light Balancing Gem Essences that relate to each one of the emotional states.
Apply the Renascent Crystal Light Balancing Gem Essence according to the outline in the manual or the course.

The Renascent  Crystal Light Balancing Glasses do not replace the full Crystal Light Balancing healing session However they will assist to strengthen and accompany your healing as part of the session or can be used in between sessions or when stop gap or more measures are required.

The Crystal Light Balancing glasses come individually or gift boxed in a beautiful  practitioner presentation case.

A set of 8 Colored glasses, gift box and instructions for use.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue 
  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Pink

    Purchase glasses individually or in a complete set with boxes


Do not wear these glasses while driving, operating machinery or any event in which you need good visibility or the ability to operate machinery. They may change the color of surrounding objects and make visibility difficult.