Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course + CLB eBook on disc


Everything you need to train as a practitioner in the Crystal Light Balancing correspondence Course

A wonderful healing modality designed to go with the Crystal Light Balancing Torch

You will be qualified as a professional practitioner on successful completion of the course, your certificate will be accredited and mailed to you and you will have all the tools at your disposal to begin seeing clients right away.

You will require the Crystal Light Balancing Torch to use this modality although the course is whole and complete on its own

YOU WILL RECEIVE, in the Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course:

  1. Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course
  2. Pendulum (included with course)
  3. Colour Wheel (on disc included with course)
  4. Crystal Light Balancing Manual (included with course - book on disc - on electronic media)
  5. Test papers  (on disc included with course)

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Certified: Beautifully presented full color gloss (durable plastic case) with DVD's, Crystal Light Balancing manual, pendulum, brochures & test papers.
(practitioner certificate issued upon successful completion + accredition toward diploma)

Prereq’s: none by correspondence 

An enlightened & fascinating modality of healing brought forward from Atlantean teachings, using kinesiology, colour therapy, Gem Essences, and circular polarisation of energy through crystals. Students will work with a client to locate and balance energy flow disturbances to the 14 major organs. Locate & balance the emotions creating the energy blockage. Have a working knowledge of Chinese 5 elements, Ch’i flow, colour associated with each organ and it’s healing properties, 18 Gem Essences & how to perform accurate muscle tests. One of the common tools of many Kinesiologists. You will be able to practice colour treatments by the end of this course if desired. 

Color therapy, Kinesiology, Pendulums, Chinese 5 elements, deep emotional balancing.

An exciting powerful & deeply aligning natural therapy correction. For beginners & practitioners alike

Set your business up as a teaching institution or add to the offers you already have. Fully accredited (towards a diploma of health sciences with The International College of Intuitive Sciences) 

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