Crystal Light Balancing Torch Set, Colour Healing


Crystal Light Balancing Torch Set - Colour Healing Chromotherapy!

Brand New - direct from Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences

A perfect tool for Kinesiologists and natural therapists to use in their clinics and healing practices. Or for those interested in health maintenance of themselves and their family.

*PLEASE NOTE: See usage and disc insertion in images & Watch our youtube usage video
or go to youtube channel RenascentCollege and find the 2023 Crystal Light Balancing torch basics video

See important usage note at the bottom of this description.

See note re box & styles below

Chromotherapy Torch

A stunning new healing modality tool, these specially designed colour tools are of the highest quality, specifically made with integrity for use by natural therapists. They come complete with batteries, a clip to attach the tool to a pocket when working, a carry case in which to keep them and a complete set of interchangeable discs to allow the light to flow through the crystal in the different colours. The set now includes extra colour discs for use with the Chakric system at no extra cost (seven in total as shown in photo). The Advanced Colour Discs are optionally available as an additional set of discs with additional healing qualities. Changing and working with the colour discs is a simple procedure.

The crystal tips used in the torch are of natural, uncut and unpolished quartz crystals, double terminated and hand collected crystals whenever possible, hand selected for their energies, and ease of refraction.

Depending on availability we have single quartz crystals and also multiple smaller quartz crystals (which provide more energy axis and can actually speed up the process) If you have a particular preference, please let us know at checkout - otherwise trust the correct one will be sent to you.

The globe in the maglite is halogen to produce perfect light thus ensuring your colours are not distorted for effective healing.

We also have new LED torches with spacers for the caps

A perfect tool for kinesiologists and natural therapists to use in their clinics and healing practices.

Each maglite torch comes with a replacement bulb situated in the tail end of the torch. Should you ever be in that rare circumstance where you require another replacement bulb, they are available from any Maglite distributor.

The LED torches do not have replacements, but should last for years and replacement torches are available through Renascent.

With the Torch Set Purchase:

You are getting:

  • A High Quality Mag lite torch (lifetime warrantee from Maglite - except for battery leakage)
    A High Quality LED torch with spacer cap
  • Replacement halogen globe (in end of torch) on maglites (not LED's)
  • Pocket Clip
  • Carry Box (Some Images may show the old style wooden box, these have now been replaced with new boxes)
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • Natural Quartz Crystal Tip (this is embedded in the cap with transparent silicone, sometimes this will cover the end of your crystal - this will not affect its use in any way)
  • 7 High Quality Colour discs - especially designed to produce a perfect healing response from the exact colour rays
    Some of these may have some little marks on them, this is caused by the laser cutting and will not affect your healing colour rays in any way.

We recommend the Crystal Light Balancing Correspondence Course & CLB workbook to complement this purchase - both available from RenascentCollege

If you wish to save money and purchase in a set - please click HERE for options

Did you know there is also an advanced colour disc set available to go with your torch!

How the torch is used

The torch comes with instructions, although it is recommended that the workbook be studied firstly for an understanding of the benefits available through Chromotherapy.

HOW TO USE THE TORCH By placing the appropriate color disc in the torch and either running this color along the appropriate meridian or holding it over the appropriate Acupressure Holding Points. Energy will be assisted to flow through these areas and balance will be achieved. Kinesiologists may muscle test which points are out of balance to determine where the torch is needed. By utilising CLB gem essences & negative & positive emotions associated with each meridian, add depth and strength to your balance. A perfect tool for Kinesiologists and natural therapists to use in their clinics and healing practices.

Do not unscrew the end of the torch that contains the LED globe, doing so will void your warranty and potentially break your torch. SLIDE the crystal cap on and off & insert discs in Crystal cap ONLY.

There are also essences as well as negative and positive emotions which are associated with each meridian, and by locating these you will add depth and strength to your balance. Please refer to the Crystal Light Balancing Workbook for further information. This referral is also necessary for those who do not know where the meridians are located on the body as well as locating a wide range of emotional imbalances that could be creating deeper concerns for your patient.


The colour discs are a particular shade that produces balance in the energy systems (eg - we found over 50 different shades of red, yet constant testing verified that only 2 of these shades produced a healing response). The Renascent Colour discs are lovely quality & ensure the correct shades.

The entire Torch kit now comes in a handy carry box with solid (durable) discs & updated tip.


There is a complete Crystal Light Balancing correspondence course available that will certify you through to practitioner level, this torch is used successfully by practitioners worldwide. We recommend obtain the best use of the CLB torch you add the Crystal Light Balancing course or workbook.


All crystals: natural unpolished and may contain some inclussions and irregularities - we prefer this as it ensures the correct energy axis for healing over cut and polished crystals.

SINGLE CRYSTAL: This will be a single quartz crystal (some people prefer this for the look and singular crystal axis)

MULTIPLE CRYSTAL: This is a small group of thinner needle quartz crystals embedded in the cap (Some people prefer this as it has more than one energy axis for healing)


LED BLACK CARD: All new torches are LED and come in the black card box, the 4 x CLB colour discs are laid out for easy visibility, the 3 x bonus chakra discs are in slots. Batteries will come in the torch, inverted, you will need to turn them the correct way around to turn on.

BLUE BOXES: We had these boxes made in the interim when we were unable to source boxes due to the pandemic. They tend to be a little fragile at the back and they have a LED light inside them which fades out very quickly, hence they may not have the internal light. *Please note we cannot accept return for any part of the box being faulty, your normal warantee applies for the torch and the disc as with all other sets.

PLEASE NOTE: You can break your torch if you unscrew the end that contains the globe - this may not be fixable.
Do not unscrew the end of the torch that contains the LED globe, doing so will void your warranty and potentially break your torch. SLIDE the crystal cap on and off & insert discs in Crystal cap ONLY, See you tube link above for clarification.