Cupcake Soap Making Kit


Make beautiful cupcake style soaps with this Cupcake Soap Making Kit for fun, party favours

Great gifts, looking beautiful in the bathroom, so easy and perfect party items.

CUPCAKE SOAP MAKING KIT - Everything you need! 

Approximate SIZE (of finished soap): Actual Cupcake size 

This Kit will make approximately 10 Soaps, if selling we recommend $6.95-$12.95 per soap

Once you have this kit all you will need to purchase in the future if you wish to make more is the soap base at $7-10kg)

*Please note some of the images of items contained in the kit may vary*


  • 2 x Cupcake Fluted Bases Moulds 
  • 1 x pot or pkt (1-5gm) of Cosmetic Grade Glitter or Mica Shimmer Powder
  • 500gm White Melt and Pour Soap Base 
  • 1 x Mini Mould - Use this to make little soap toppers for your cupcakes
  • 1 x Essential or fragrant Oil  
  • 2 x Pigment Colour Bricks 
  • Pour your melted, coloured and scented soap into the shape until it is filled (or as much as you like),
  • If you would like different coloured layers, pour a little of the first colour, allow to set, spritz with isopropyl alcohol (to stick layers together) & immediately pour in the nexxt colour, continue, leave a little space in the mould for the frosting
  • Allow to set
  • Meanwhile use the mini moulds to make soap soap cupcake toppers, simply melt the soap, colour, fragrance and pour in it the mini moulds, allow to set, unmould
  • Once you have made the bases add the frosting: Take a little melted white (or coloured) soap base and whisk vigorously, when it achieves "foam" pour it in the top of the mould with the cupcake soap underneath
  • Once this has set, you can use a little melted soap base to "glue" your decorations on the top of your cupcake or add your sprinkles
  • If using the Renascent Melt & Pour soap, you can also use paper patty pans (other brand soaps have been reported to stick to paper cup cakes),
  • To add your finishing touches, you may also drizzle it with melted soap (look at our other images), or sprinkle with Renascent Cosmetic glitter, Renascent Mineral Shimmers (micas) or Renascent Jojoba 100's and 1000's
  • Perhaps take a melon baller scoop of red or green soap to create a cherry for the top or use some of our smaller embed moulds to add strawberries, grapes, bananas, hearts and more.
  • Use for chocolate making / ice cubes and fun confectionary
  • Imagine a gift packed cupcake - what lovely soaps
To package:
  • Try adding a little clear shredded cellophane and placing in a clear display box, both available through Renascent Bath & Body