Dragon Egg Soap Bar


Forged in the mystical fires, a dragon egg soap!

*Please note these soap bars are hand made and come from our studio location, rather than the supplies warehouse - please place orders separately - Thank you!
May take 1 week to make up

Lovely Gentle on the skin soap bar, inspired by Dragon Eggs.

These Dragon eggs are even more beautiful in person that in the images - sure to delight as a truly special egg for you to use and a unique gift. The dragon egg soaps are designed to be used - not too nice to use! Each one will colour morph and change as they are used (all will be slightly different) Bathe with your dragon egg to unlock its hidden beauty.

INSPIRATION: Dragon Eggs forged in the fires, many of these soaps are colour changing as they are used and all will have flecks of gold and mica or precious minerals (made from cosmetic mica) scattered throughout or on the scales.
Each one is created by our soap artists and no 2 will ever be the same.

The actual soap bar you receive may be different to the ones pictured as no 2 are the same - but if you have specific colour preferences let us know and we will do our best from what is available at the time - please note - the wooden boxes are very limited quantities and the soap bars may take a week to create at different times

PACKAGING: We have the dragon eggs boxes individually in black window face boxes, clear boxes, single wooden and leather like trunks and triple wooden and Leather like trunks. Some sell out very quickly - search this website for "dragon egg" to find them. Out of stock? send us a request and we will do our best to hand make some for you in your choice of packaging.

This soap will come shrink wrapped with no box - perfect for gift giving!

SCENT: Raspberry and Orange Essential oil or larger quantities can select from any of our fragrances and essential oils

SIZE: Approximately 190-300gms per egg

*Please note - As each Soap bar is lovingly made by hand, each one will be slightly different (unique) and may not exactly match the images shown here, however all our Dragon egg soap bars are hand made by our artists and will be of the same quality as the images shown here.