Edible Food Dye Powders x 4

4X EDIBLE FOOD DYE / COLOURING POWDERS - for lip balm,chocolates,cake

Gorgeous rich edible colourings

Perfect to colour up balm bases - such as lip balms or chocolates where you are unable to use a water based dye

Complete set of 4 colours, packaged in individual tubes with a handy storage tray

Presented in a self sealing bag with full colour swing tags.

True colours

Mix a small amount into melted chocolate for rich professional chocolate colourings

  • Brand New, excellent condition
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Individual tubes sealed with a cap
  • Approx 1gm each tube - however as this is a concentrate you need only a tiny speck to colour our items
  • The powder disolves and leaves no taste or residue.
  • Perfect for chocolate making, candles, lip balm, cup cakes, icing, food colourings, play dough, cakes, etc