Feng Shui HOUSES OF LIFE Correspondence Course


Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine - Houses of Life Correspondence Course

It is amazing, the difference you feel after your home has been cleansed utilising the Houses of Life technique.

  • (Supplied from Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences)
  • Accredited towards a diploma of Natural Health Sciences & Dip' Feng Shui & Geomancy
  • Prerequisites: none 
  • Inc’ CD's, manual & test papers)
  • Perfect for beginners or the experienced.
  • RRP $140.00 (we have a few sets on AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES - Included at no cost if you can listen  this way)

Houses of Life - Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine
Prerequisites: None 1 Days or * by correspondence

The Course For all Those with an interest in Beautiful Environments & energies

In this course you will learn a special in depth space clearing, but also understand how you home can provide insights, awareness & healing for all the occupants.

  • Solid ancient texts from the I Ching
  • We look deeply into what each sector of the home relates to, the effects for the occupants & indications of when it is out of balance.
  • Kinesiology to show the effect of the essences on the body & aura & we witness Ch’i dowsing to ascertain the quality of Ch’i in the room before & after balancing.
  • Pure potentised Gem essences to balance the sectors creating peace, harmony, clarity.
  • A wonderful course in space clearing, providing an easy yet effective modality that can be utilised for all.
  • Can be utilised regularly for uplifting the environment & cleansing negative energies, replacing them with harmony, peace & vitality.
  • Complete HOUSES OF LIFE - Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine by correspondence
  • Learn all you need to know on Space Clearing , Baguas & Family Members for your home or business.

Learn all you need to know on Feng Shui for your home & / or business or simply use as a starting point for further in depth studies. Would you like to know where this course can take you - jump on to our website for the diploma application papers & further studies you can continue on with.


The Houses Of Life Correspondence Course contains:

  • Complete Course of DVD's
  • Houses of Life workbook on ebook - printable at home
  • Test papers (for completion at culmination of the course)
  • The kit is beautifully presented in full color display box decorated with Feng Shui images.
  • This course is a component of the Feng Shui diploma & Dip' Natural Health Sciences.

*Please note - the purchase of a pendulum and dowsing rods will assist and a purchase of the Houses of Life Gem essence kit is required to fully appreciate this technique. 

We have chosen not to include the essences with this purchase in case you already have some essences - however, we are delighted to offer you the discounted manual & essences if required in our other listings!

Certificate will be posted on successful completion. Accredited with Renascent & The International College of Intuitive Sciences. Also includes complete "Houses of Life - Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine" workbook