Fish In A Bag DIY Soap Making Kit - BULK Makes 10

Absolutely perfect for party favours - This kit will make 10 but you can add additional soap and fish for as many as you like!
Makes 10 complete gifts with Melt & Pour Clear Soap + Instructions - too Cute!
Look at the images for some great ideas - the coloured soaps are made using the pigment dyes or rolling chopped up soap in Mica Shimmers. The rocks are Mica Coloured Rock Salt.

Our kids classes made the diorama images all by themselves

Make your own Fish Soap Art Soap:

Your kit contains:
  •  10 Fish

  • 10 bags (self seal bags, these are handy as you can clip the top with a peg - the plastic round clothes hangers are perfect for this, once the soap is poured, clip the top on the hanger (it won't slip out easily, thus preventing you spilling your soap all over the bench), tie up and once set simply slice the seal seal part off the bag for completion)
  • 10 coloured ribbons/ string
  • Complete step by step instructions on FREE ebook link - where you can download the full soap art book with instructions and ideas
  • 1 bottle of high quality fragrant or Essential oil
  • 1kg Clear Melt and pour Soap Base

Beautifully gift packed in a handy carry box
    RRP: $39.70 - Great Savings
    • Perfect gifts for kids or a loved one - or make them up yourself - where else will you get fantastic gifts for less than $2 each
    • HIGH QUALITY - won't melt or mishape when you add your soap base
    • Great fun idea for kids parties, school projects or rainy day activities AND you end up with a lovely craft you can use
    • We also stock the clear soap base, fragrance and essential oils, isopropyl alcohol, shimmers, rock salt and natural pigment dyes

    A fantastic gift for kids - at around $1 each, fantastic for school fetes too

    • Looking for a special gift or for someone who 'has everything' look no further, allow them to bathe with a 'fish in a bag'
    • The kids will leap into the bath with this great soap - when it is used up they have a little toy to play with
    • Some soaps contain 'rocks' made from shimmery coated pieces of soap, sea bed crystals made from natural rock salt
    • Some with beatiful shimmers throughout
    • Great stocking stuffers or gifts for children at school / kinder / groups
    • Beautiful, useful hand made gifts.

    Clear Soap Ingredients:

    Water, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Sodium Laurate, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Myristate, Alkyl Polyglycoside, Sodium Sarcosinate