Tea Bags Unfilled - Fold Seal


Empty tea bag, Fold over bag, Filter paper bag, For Teas, Coffee, Herbs, Bathing Crystals, Infusions for creams or soap bases

Size: 7 x 9 cm/2.76 x 3.94 inch
Material: Corn Fibre - Natural material, environmentally friendly food-grade filter paper teabags

To Use:

  • Open the top of each teabag widely before use so that it will stand to fill
  • Fill each bag with approximately 10~ 15g mixture of Tea, Coffee, dry Herbs, Milk Bath, 10-60gms weight for heavier items such as Bathing Crystals, Rock Salt *Note overfilling can cause the bag to tear
  • Leave One Third empty to enable the sealing
  • Press the edges together 
  • The top of the bag can be closed easily by folding one side over the other side preventing the tea / products from falling out
  • Can be used immediately (make sure bag is completely sealed )
  • European standard
  • Non-toxic and safe for bath and body
  • High strength and heat resistant
  • Convenient for travelling or guest size bath and body products
  • Perfect for samples for customers
  • Biodegradable, compostable after use

*Individuals must test and ascertain appropriateness of use personally