Gem Essence Manual (Paperback) A4 Book


BRAND NEW from the author GEM ESSENCE MANUAL By Lesley Mitchell

Paperback BOOK (We have another version of this book on disc in another lsting on eBay if you prefer)!

Lesley Mitchell is the author of 11 books, an international lecturer, natural therapist, Kinesiology, Gem Essence & Crystal Workshop Instructor. Lesley holds diplomas in Metaphysics, Spiritualism, Kinesiology, Feng Shui, Geomancy and Gemmology and has been teaching natural energy techniques & gemmology  since 1988.  Lesley is the founder of Renascent & co director of The International College of Intuitive Sciences.

This book is hand printed on A4 Size and thermally heat bound into an easy to read and use manual to assist with utilising gem essences and esoteric gemmology.

Gem Essence Manual

Full color cover with images of the 40 gems and crystals

  • Healing, mythological and geological properties of 40 gems/essences and the 10 blended essences.
  • Chromotherapy (color healing) & personality types,
  • electromagnetic fields & effects on crystals & us.
  • Negative aspects & positive transformations via the essences.
  • The manual of the Gem Essence Certificate Course taught by Renascent.
  • An absolute must for any practitioners, crystal healers and people interested in vibrational medicine.
  • Many stores stock this book, purely for their own reference.

Topics include:

  • What makes these essences so special
  • Colour groups
  • In depth healing properties of 40 gems and crystals
  • Blended Essences
  • Electromagetic fields
  • Can I use any essences, including those I make myself?
  • Stellar Essences
  • Feng Shui
  • Negative Aspects and positive transformations of gems and crystals
  • LARGE 78 page A4 Book

THIS BOOK COMES COMPLEMENTARY as an ebook WITH THE GEM ESSENCE COURSE - if you are purchasing this course today - you will not need to buy this book if you are happy with the digital version (Although it is handy to have a paperback copy)