Gemstone Crystal Suncatcher Mobile Making Kit


A complete Healing & Feng Shui Gemstone Mobile / Suncatcher kit
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 A great gift for all ages, or unleash your own creative energies, whether you use it for yourself or begin to develop saleable items for a new business.

(Contents may vary slightly from the above picture)

Create 3 of your own lovely gemstone suncatchers with a solid gem stone base or use the full kit as a novel gift for a 'crafty' person. 

Your gem mobile kit contains:
  • 3 large natural & genuine gemstones (for the base of your suncatchers) - Beautiful gems & crystals
  • 1 pkt gemstone beads (for the decorating of your mobile)
  • 1 pkt decorative beads (for the decorating of your mobile)
  • Thread (to string your mobile on)
  • 3 Rings (To hang your mobile by)
  • Bell Caps to attach your gems
  • Crimps
  • Complete instruction booklet for the manufacture, placement and feng shui (energy enhancement) guidelines. 
 You may also need:
  • Some aquadhere (white, water based all purpose glue)
  • Some araldite (stronger more durable glue)
  • A pair or two of fine pliers (jewellery pliers are best)
  • Blu tack or plasticine may be helpful to hold the beads in place whilst the glue sets.
  • Matches or a lighter to seal the end of the thread
 If you are making these suncatchers to sell, we recommend a price of $9.95 each, you will make at least 3 with this kit
Firstly in the instruction booklet we will discuss how to make your mobile and then how to utilise it to harmonise the chi (energy flow) into your life and some basic Feng Shui principles.