Gold Lemonade Turkish Tea


The finest Turkish tea - divinely flavoured with Gold- it's our Lemonade Gold Turkish Tea

Sweet and decadent, Turkish teas are a wonderful treat. Dissolve in hot water and enjoy or cool and use as a refreshing iced drink or base for party punch.

STYLE:Turkish Tea, Blended with Lemonade flavour and Edible Gold Mica

BREWING:None really required - just add 2-6 heaped teaspoons to a cup, pour over hot water, stir and enjoy

INGREDIENTS: Organic Sugar, Flavours, Citric Acid (Lemon Juice), Gold Mica

*Idea: Dip the tops of glasses into lemon juice and press into the Lemonade Gold Tea for celebration gold rimmed glasses or add a teaspoon to the base of a champagne glass.

WEIGHT:150gm Pack / Should make at approximately 4-10 cups of tea (depending on strength)!

STYLE: Beautifully packed in a silver and clear self sealing bag with full colour gloss label - perfect for easy access and to keep your tea as fresh as possible