Heart Shape Quan Yin Sutra Rectangle Pendant


Beautiful Quan Yin Sutra Pendant



Surround yourself with the blessed energies of a settled heart
Beautiful Quan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) Buddha in gold with clear enamel.
The back of this piece comes with beautiful inscriptions and has been blessed.
In Kirlian photography, it has been shown how the aura (energy field) of a person changes when holding this blessed "tablet". The colors intensify with brightness and increase in size and the energy around the heart and third eye expand.
For those sensitive to energies, by simply holding this lovely piece, you will begin to feel a deep calm and gentle settling of unresolved emotions and spiritual awareness.
This beautiful prayer pendant can be worn or hung, many people place them in the vehicle to radiate compassion & awareness.

It radiates the prayers of Quan Yin (keeping travellers safe, compassion, nurturing, understanding) by placing it up. Carry it with you or place it in your home or car to surround yourself with peaceful & enlightened energies.

Complete with red cord to hang or wear.
Measures Approximately 20mm x 23mm

Image(s) may show more than one pendant to see front and back, you are purchasing 1 pendant

The Story of Quan Yin

In ancient mythology it is said that Quan Yin, the goddess of Mercy was originally a male Buddha. In Indian & Tibetan art she was portrayed according to their concepts of beauty - those of the softness of curve and well developed breasts. No doubt it is from these reasons that people took Quan Yin as a Goddess (as became common knowledge from the 9th century onwards). Pictured through the centuries as a beautiful and serene woman, Quan Yin spends her time on earth bringing mercy to all people.


Through wearing or placing this likeness of Quan Yin in areas of your house it is said she has the ability to send healing energies through the house and the environment. In fact the environment is said to be a special area of healing for Quan Yin as it is said she can cleanse any unwanted energies or vibrations from the area. Particularly if an argument has taken place in a room, Quan Yin is able to release the disrupting energies and replace them with energies of peace and harmony. A wonderful emblem to carry when travelling.

Especially good for meditation and/or healing rooms.

This beautiful emblem can be used to promote serenity and healing. WEAR IT OR HANG IT UP TO PRODUCE PEACE AND INNER HARMONY - HAVE ONE FOR EACH ROOM

By having these around you they permeate your energy field and bring very special spiritual energies and blessings. Complete with clear plastic carry pouch.

A very special gift for the person who has everything or those desiring more grounding, centeredness & harmony

Each of the Renascent pieces has been individually blessed by a Qi Gong & Feng Shui master to bring wealth & success.

The picture above really doesn't do justice to how lovely this pendant looks.

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