House Chi Energy Disc


Relieves the stress from electromagnetic fields. In modern times - a product everyone needs. House discs for natural health & healing

House Ch'i Energy Disc

Many people around the world are concerned of the potential health hazards of working long hours on the computer or being in constant electromagnetic fields in the home, by placing a house disc on the residence the fields will be energetically harmonised for everyone in the building. A House Ch’i energy disc may assist this.

House Ch’i Energy Disc:

  • Harmonises the subtle energy effects from all appliances in your house.
  • The House Disc harmonises on an energy level, stressful effects of E.M.F’s produced by anything powered by electricity.
  • Instead of wearing the disc, it is placed in your home or office to give the environment the same harmony as wearing one personally.
  • Everyone in your home or office is thereby harmonised against these fields. This of course applies to all appliances plugged into the wall sockets of the premises and one will still need a personal "disc" to use a mobile phone for example or for when leaving the building.
  • Place on an lead connected to an electrical power source that is always plugged into the wall socket, (comes complete with a cable tie)
  • Many stores, clinics and seminar venues place a house disc on their building to promote , peace, clarity, understanding and alertness with their clients.
  • For shops stocking crystals, place the disc on the shop to clear the subtle electromagnetic fields disturbance and then cleanse each crystal or bowl of crystals in the store with a personal disc. This removes the imprinted vibration and leaves the crystals harmonised and back to their natural state (Normal cleansing may be used to remove human vibrational fields) 

Please note: the appearance of the chi energy house discs is now slightly different they are slightly flatter on the top and come with the cable tie instead of the plug shown in the images.

The Ch’i Energy Disc may be used in the following manner:

  1. Plugged into the wall into any power point that is constantly turned on.
  2. If ordering from a country outside of Australia (with differing power plugs) the plastic insert can be replaced by a child plastic safety plug or simply adhered to the power point.

The House Ch’i Energy Disc is similar to the Personal Disc in that it harmonises and reduces, the potential stressful effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by computers, televisions, power lines, electronic equipment and anything powered by electricity.

The House Ch’i Energy Disc is placed in your home or office to give the immediate environment the same clarity the energy systems of the body receive from wearing the Personal Disc. This means that everyone in your home or office is harmonised against these fields whilst exposed to them. A Personal Disc is still required for electromagnetic harmony outside of the premises and a Mobile Phone Disc is recommended when using or carrying an active phone.

The House Ch’i Energy Disc is to be connected to an electrical power source such as a wall socket and then remain switched on. Naturally in order to have energy alignment, the electrical equipment must also be plugged into the same power source of the house. 

A battery operated clock or watch, for example, is not running off the mains supply and so will not be corrected by the House Disc. You may use your Personal Disc to correct the energy alignment of such items.

If you have the skills, muscle testing or dowsing can be of assistance in finding the most beneficial location for the House Ch’i Energy Disc.

This Ch’i Energy Disc is a mobile, personal Feng Shui remedy in a true sense as it harmonises the household against certain disharmonies; in this case, electromagnetic fields.

These products are unique in that they are enhanced and protected by ‘Higher Qi Gong’ and as such do not need clearing or power from external sources. They will maintain this ‘higher’ energy indefinitely, in line with normal wear and tear.