Houses Of Life Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine Workbook Manual (Paperback)


Houses Of Life Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine Workbook Manual

A4 paperback Book 

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BRAND NEW from the author (Lesley Mitchell of Renascent College) - HEALING BOOK!

Houses of Life - Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine Manual

  • One of the brightest, most profound and awakening insights into the sectors of the home
  • Based upon solid ancient texts from the I Ching, in this book we look deeply into what each sector of the home relates to
  • How this affects the occupants and indications of when it is out of balance
  • Utilising pure potentised Gem essences (Vibrational medicine) balance each of the sectors to create peace, harmony and clarity.
  • The space clearing is ended with a beautiful blessing.
  • A practical, enlightening and awakening modality for all.

Never before written about information on the trigrams in relation to the sectors of the home, insightful, fascinating, a new approach to understanding & harmonising the home using gem essences & blessings oils. A comprehensive manual to complement the Houses of Life course with deep insights from the I Ching.

Houses of Life - Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine by Daryll & Lesley Mitchell (nee Antonoff) A4 size Manual, full color cover.

Also available - Houses of Life Correspondence course & Houses of Life Essences - both available on our direct website

*Please note - this workbook is designed to complement and assist the houses of life correspondence course should you wish to undertake this formal study.


Lesley Mitchell is the author of 11 books, an international lecturer, natural therapist, Kinesiology, Gem Essence & Crystal Workshop Instructor. Lesley holds diplomas in Metaphysics, Spiritualism, Kinesiology, Feng Shui, Geomancy and Gemmology and has been teaching natural energy techniques & gemmology  since 1988.  Lesley is the founder of Renascent & co director of The International College of Intuitive Sciences.