Imperial Rhodorosite Partly Tumbled polished x 100gms Gem Quality (500carats)



Unique, crystals, rare
These are  really unique and  beautiful tumbled stones - lovely deep pink

A rhodochrosite crystal which is fully formed is a very rare find and this is what has led to their very high price tag. They are most prized when they are raw, uncut gems as opposed to beautifully polished

These have been partly polished and are gem quality - perfect for you to finish for high quality stones.

Each stone measures approximately 10 to 30 mm

You are purchasing 100gms (Approximately 500 carats) with this listing however you can add as many as you like.
Colour and stones may vary slightly from image shown

Perfect for metaphysical esoteric or spiritual purposes or simply for gem connectors to look attractive

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral with chemical composition MnCO3. In its (rare) pure form, it is typically a rose-red color, but impure specimens can be shades of pink to pale brown. It streaks white, and its Mohs hardness varies between 3.5 and 4. Its specific gravity is between 3.5 and 3.7. It crystallizes in the trigonal system, and cleaves with rhombohedral carbonate cleavage in three directions. Crystal twinning often is present. It is transparent to translucent with refractive indices of nω=1.814 to 1.816, nε=1.596 to 1.598. It is often confused with the manganese silicate, rhodonite, but is distinctly softer. It is officially listed as one of the National symbols of Argentina.

Rhodochrosite forms a complete solid solution series with iron carbonate (siderite). Calcium, (as well as magnesium and zinc, to a limited extent) frequently substitutes for manganese in the structure, leading to lighter shades of red and pink, depending on the degree of substitution. It is for this reason that the most common color encountered is pink.