Incense Kit - DIY Make Your own!


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BRAND NEW Complete Kit for Incense making - BEAUTIFUL! Create gorgeous healing incense for yourself or begin a new business! 

Would You like to easily make your own incense?
For gifts or perhaps to sell ? Everyone will be love your creations with this beautiful incense making kit.

Making incense from scratch is relatively messy and time consuming - getting it right so it stays alight and doesn't fall off the stick has always been a bit tricky. (Not to mention many incense is made with strong chemicals)
No matter now - using beautiful pure sandalwood based pre made incense sticks - you can add your own fragrances and healing essences. You can even colour it.

We are delighted with the quality and to be able to share these fun kits with you.

So easy even the children can make them as an activity.

Use any style or colors desired, do not be limited by our suggestions or images.

Your beautiful incense kit contains:

  • Around 70 blank incense sticks (sandalwood base) ready for you to scent &/or colour (further INCENSE BUNDLES are always available from Renascent in any quantity)
  • 1 X sample bottle of fragrant oil
  • 1 X  sample bottle of pure Essential oil
  • Packaging for your incense pkts
  • Full instruction sheets with ideas & step by step instructions
  • 1 X spray mister spritzer bottle with spritzer 
  • Please note some images may show full size oils and bottles

RRP (of individual items approximately) $47.00

*PLEASE NOTE: Box, Bottles, Spray mister bottle and variety of oils may be different to what is in the picture

We also have: Full colour adhesive labels sheet to print on to make your products look professional 

It is so simple to use, even children can do it. Simply place your incense sticks into a plastic container / bag. Mix your fragrances, essences and add to the spritzer and spritz all over the incense turning as you go. Allow to dry and you have a unique range of natural healing incense sticks. (Alternatively if you desired you could take a long cylinder & fill with water & oil / colour & dip the sticks - the choice is yours)

Beautiful, useful hand made gifts.

Begin a new craft today with this fabulous kit.

It makes wonderful gifts, people just love a delightful incense and unlike some gifts that sit around forever, incense may be used for space clearing or as a room freshener. Great fun for children to make and perfect for school fetes & craft days – the possibilities are endless, but most of all ………….. it is great fun, enjoy!

To make your own incense, depending on oils and additives, the costs are around 30-40c pkt (10 sticks). A great price for natural incense & terrific Christmas presents, use a natural oil or essential oil or add some gold or pearl mica&/or pigment dyes & you have some boutique quality products.

Great personalised Gift ideas!