Integration Chi Energy Kinesiology Balm


GODDESS Energy BALM -   like having a Qi Gong healing master in your cupboard. Apply to wrists or to temples for personal empowerment & energetic support. Use daily to reconnect you with your soul purpose and provide strength, nurturing & personal awareness

Integration Balm: An exotic blend of Natural ingredients, inc’: Vit’ E, oils of: Sandalwood, Lime, Cedarwood, spearmint, Lemon - individually blessed.
Instructions: Apply to wrists or temples to assist in energetically integrating left & right brain hemispheres. Assists to produce a hydration response. Grounding, rebalancing, use daily to center

Working 1 on 1 with people, I am often influenced by their energies - no longer!! An application of chi balm every morning & I am able to maintain my own energies with ease.

The pain relief balm is excellent. Soothes headaches immediately, great for tired muscles after gardening!

My little boy goes to sleep peacefully EVERY night now, with a spray of Emergency essence & an anointing of sleep balm - he is much happier!

*Note - Being a vibrational essence the Qi Energy creme has not been tested scientifically and no such claims are made for them.  We encourage you to also see a professional therapist whenever applicable.