Jade Crystals Tiny Tumbled Chips


Soothing JADE CRYSTALS Tumbled Chips Tiny, beautiful colours, gems, gift bagged.

  • A beautiful selection, these are lovely tumbled crystal / mineral specimens
  • You can see the fascinating colours & their natural shape, sure to delight all.
  • Quite rare & lovely
  • Use as jewellery, gem trees, tip into a bowl, crystal healing or collections
  • Perfect for gem collectors, crystal healers or just to look attractive on display. A lovely gift for all.
  • SIZE: approx' 2-5mm each GEM, Qty of stones varies due to weight
  • * Actual gems may vary slightly from those shown in the picture above
Tranquil and soothing, Jade provides the serenity we all search for at some time. Especially calming for babies or small children who become distressed easily. In this manner Jade may even be used for the unborn child, taken during pregnancy to calm and allay any fears. Calms both the mother and child during labour and after the birth Jade is beneficial to assist with lactation.
Jade works very gently to lift and elevate the consciousness and physically has been found to assist with many kidney concerns.
CHAKRA : Heart

The above healing information is an extract from Esoteric Gemmology © Lesley Mitchell