Jewel, Gemstone Mould: 2 Sizes


JEWEL, GEMSTONE Mould: Hard Candy, Chocolate, Soap, Soy Wax Chips - Medium Size (we also stock large) for Melt and Pour Soap / Candle making / Cake Decorating / Chocolates / Candy / Lollies / Resin Casting - Beautiful!

Your beautiful mold:

  • Will last for many (if not 100's) of pours (durability depends on care)
  • Create beautiful jewels with this mold that withstands heat
  • Ideal for cooked sugar or heated isomalt.
  • May also be used with rolled icing.
  • 3 different sizes to choose from:
  • Large: 10 different shapes, approx size around 3/4 a cm (7mm) .  48 cavities total
  • Medium: 10 different shapes, ranging in size from 5/8" to 3/4" / 1-2cm (15-20mm - width approx 10mm).  80 cavities total
  • Tiny: 10 different shapes, approx size around 1/2-1cm a cm (5mm-10mm) .  240 cavities total
  • When using with Isomalt make sure you give the mould a light spray with a release agent (ie cooking spray)
  • Then wipe it over to remove any excess.  This will ensure your finished pieces pop out of the mould without cracking or breaking.
  • If using with chocolate, there is no need to spray the mould.  The chocolate will release once fully set.
  • Will cost next to nothing per item to create
  • Can be used for soaps, cakes, candles, chocolates + more
  • durable mold
  • Looks terrific to decorate cakes, make tiny shapes to apply on the top of soaps, make Jewelled candy/lollies
  • Can provide excellent gifts or allow you to begin a new craft business, sell on ebay, over the internet, school fetes or markets. People will be amazed by your beautiful pieces & will be surprised it is soap/sweets!
  • Is made of high grade PVC - (cheaper plastics are available - all molds are not the same!)