Jewellery Making Kit - Gems Crystals


Create earrings, pendants, pendulums & learn how to use them for accessing information from your subconscious mind and healing properties.

 Your jewellery making kit contains (at least, perhaps more of) the following:

  • *PLEASE NOTE: Each kit is hand put together depending on what we have in stock at the time and contents may vary
  • Complete instruction booklet for the manufacture and healing (energy enhancement) guidelines.
  • Earwires & findings
  • Decorative Beads
  • Genuine gem beads
  • Gems for pendants & pendulum 
  • Bell Caps or Findings
  • Crimps or Beads
  • Chain (for pendant) or Keyring
  • Pendulum chain or wires

(Further products can be purchased  to top up this kit from Renascent)

 You may also need:

  • Pliers
  • Araldyte (Glue)

Firstly in the instruction booklet we will discuss how to make your jewellery and then some of the healing benefits and other options available.

Create your own Gemstone Jewellery

Create your own beautiful jewellery. Everything you need to create Earrings, Pendants, Pendulum & with a few additional (inexpensive) purchases to continue your creations. Beautiful gem beading - have your searched for the perfect piece of jewellery - create it yourself.