Ladybug / Ladybird Heart Silicone Soap Mould



Beautiful, delicate features ladybugs, resting on clover over a love heart soap mould - absolutely delicate and beautiful.

  • THIS MOULD CREATES A SOAP THAT IS APPROXIMATELY: 70mm wide x 40mm high (although you can vary the depth by how much you fill the mould)

TO MAKE THIS SOAP (In the images)

  • I melted the Renascent Bath Body melt and pour soap base (we have several types you can choose from)
  • Coloured it red with the Renascent Soap Pigments
  • Poured a little into the rose cavities and the ladybugs
  • Allowed to set, spritzed with isopropyl alcohol
  • Immediatedly filled the rest of the mould with green soap
  • When set and upmoulded - I hand dry brushed on green Renascent Bath Body mineral Mica / shimmers on the clover leaves
  • Then used a very small dot of Renascent Bath Body soap paints to add the ladybugs dots