Lip Balm Filling Tray & Scraper


LIP BALM TUBE HOLDER Easy FILL or POUR 50 tubes at once.

You are able to fill up to 50 lip tubes at once with complete ease and no mess!

Fill with lip balm, simply add a higher ratio of cosmetic grade beeswax to your lip balm (we sell the balm, edible colours and the wax too)

We stock tubes that are 14-15mm and 12-13 mm please ensure you have bought the correct ones for the Tray

FITS STANDARD LIP BALM TUBES: The size for each hole of the filling tray is 12-13 or 14-15mm (hole) and 10mm (height). The Filling Tray fits 50 standard 3/16 Oz (7 ml) Lip Balm Tubes.

The Filling tray/scraper and Lip tubes are sold separately.

We stock the tubes too - get both at once!
Please note these trays are marginally looser than the previous ones, (closer to 15mm) your tubes may not be as snug as before. 
Colour of tray may vary to images.

*Please note there may be 1mm variance in trays

Perfect party favours for childrens / adults parties.

Colour of tray may be different.


Please note - we do get a number of "eeeekkkk My tubes don't fit in my holder" emails.

  • Please take a look at the images, you will notice that you must put the tubes UNDER the holder. The open part of the tube must go underneath the holder, this is usually the cause of peoples concerns, see images.
  • This way, you just pour your balm in and even if you spill a little it won't dribble all down the side of your tubes (for stability, we recommend you put one tube in each of the 4 corners - like a table)
Naturally if you are purchasing your tubes elsewhere it is possible that the supplier you are getting them from may have had them made to a slightly different or not uniform size.

However, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the fit of other peoples tubes, unless they are made to the same specifications as ours.
*Please measure the top to ensure they are correct if you already have your tubes

If you  would like everything sent in 1 package we would be delighted to sell you the tubes that fit perfectly into these holders. We also stock the balm base, edible lip colours, edible flavours and edible shimmers (not the cosmetic shimmers)

  • Really unique way of presenting gifts for any event - for the guest to take as they leave or to use through the presentation
  • Children will be thrilled with a party favour like this
  • Perfect for corporate events too (leave a neutral colour and flavour with butterscotch or mint for the men)

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