Lip Balm / Gloss Making Bulk Kit + FILLING TRAY SET with Balm


A great kit to easily make your own lip balms, for gifts or perhaps to sell!

A fantastic gift for kids - at around 50c - $1 each, fantastic for school fetes too

All you need in a large kit – Great for the novice as it will include everything you need to get started in lip balm making or the advanced crafter to add to their supplies at a great price. 



As a bonus to get you started we have also added a small pot of lip balm base, flavour and a pot of concentrated red colour.

The balm base included will make around 10 tubes, in order to make the 50, you will need to add additional balm base.

Make your own Lip Balm:

If you wish to sell your lip Balms - we recommend a RRP of $5 -$16. This kit will make over 10 tubes. However we sell the balm base in 170gm and 1kg tubs along with flavour oil and colour. 

This kit contains:

  1. 50ml Balm Base for tubes
  2. 1 x 2ml bottles of Delicious Edible (Food Grade) Flavour oil – May include Strawberry, Caramel, coconut or some of our other delicious flavours or 1 x full size
  3. 50 Twist up white Lip Tubes with caps
  4. 1 X Red Balm Base Colourant pot (Shave a little off, melt and add to your balm base to colour
  5. 1 X Gold Balm Base Colourant pot (Shave a little off, melt and add to your balm base to colour
  6. Instruction Leaflet – RRP $Priceless - another gift to you!
  7. Lip tube filling tray and scraper. *Please note : lip tubes are fitted in underneath the tray, then you fill the melted balm from the top and use the scraper to cleanly get off any additional balm base.
  8. 64 white peelable labels that you can hand write or print on to stick on to the tubes 

Perfect gifts for kids or a loved one - or make them up yourself - where else will you get fantastic gifts for less than $2 each

DIY Parties: All you need for the Party activity for 20 children and their take home gifts (Lip tube and pot)

Click here to add Balm Base:

Click here to add Flavours

*Ingredients of Balm Base: Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Carnauba Wax, Beeswax, Vitamin E