Metal Bath Bomb Sphere Mould 55mm


Create your own Natural Bathing Bombs / Bath Fizzies with these High Quality Metal Bath Bomb Moulds 

(Create your own special gifts or a new business skill today) - Imagine, relaxing back in a bath, soothing aching muscles and letting the day drift away Mmmm! Make them for fun gifts or as a new business adventure. 

SIZE: 50-55mm (approximately)

Each set contains 2 x Half moulds to make 1 sphere

  • So Simple, make your bath bomb / fizzies mix (click HERE for a full supplies kit)\
  • Fill one half of the mould with your mix and press down
  • Overfill the other half and firmly press together
  • Brush off excess mix
  • Gently tap and pull apart
  • For full instructions, check our blog pages or our youtube account

*Please note - Individuals must test the product(s) for suitability for their individual projects