10gm Pots Mica Cosmetic Grade Superfine Colourant, Shimmer


For: SOAP MAKING (Melt and Pour & Cold Pressed, HP), CANDLE MAKING, Cosmetics, Shower Gels, Lip Balm, Body Shimmers, Bath Bombs, Painting, Ceramics, Art & Crafts & more


  • Each 10gm Pot pkt is about 5-10 teaspoons full & would make up to around 1-20kg soap base
  • We also have Other sizes - Click HERE to select
  • We also sell the full kit - Gift Boxed - perfect for storage
  • Not all mineral powders are the same quality, we search the world for the loveliest products for you
  • Add a little powder to your melt & pour soap, (or other products listed above) swirl through to mix and mold, when set you will have beautiful (expensive looking) soap with cosmetic grade shimmers.
  • Alternatively - take a paint brush and paint a little of the powder into the mold & pour the soap on top to have actual gold / pearl accents on top of the soap