Mobile Phone Chi Energy Disc:

Relieves the stress from electromagnetic fields. In modern times - a product everyone needs.

Mobile Phone Ch'i Energy Disc

Many people around the world are concerned of the potential health hazards of mobile phones & their usage. Energetically, the fields from a mobile phone affect the aura (energy field) of the user and everyone around them whilst the phone is in use. Whilst the user may be somewhat energetically protected from these fields by the wearing of a personal Ch'i energy disc, by placing a mobile phone disc on the actual phone the fields will be energetically harmonised for both the user and those around them. A Mobile Phone Ch’i energy disc may assist this.

Mobile Phone Ch'i Energy DiscMobile Phone Ch’i Energy Disc: To use the mobile phone disc simply adhere it to the phone with the flat side attached directly, Shiny holographic design with Chi symbol and visible mandala. Harmonising of the fields for all people within range of the phone. Tests have shown when using a mobile phone and wearing a personal disc, energy flows smooth out, yet when also protected with a phone disc, the energy fields is even more greatly harmonised. Many people are suspecting a range of diseases caused by mobile phones, harmonise the energy field of yours.

The Ch’i Energy mobile Phone Disc may be used in the following manner:

1. Glued or velcro'd (comes with disc) to the mobile phone - preferably near to the arial

2. Slipped inside your phone case (recommended)

3. Be careful if using glue that it is a type that will not affect plastic (Super glue will eat a hole in your phone, perhaps Araldyte may be a better choice). Please note we recommend velcro (can be removed if required) under the carry case of the phone (so it cannot be knocked off or lost)




I have been using the Ch’i disc for over 6 months now & I find that I am able to work longer hours at the computer without becoming tired, or snappy. I also find the disc useful when I am seeing clients in my practice to prevent “emotional pickup”. The disc seems to dissipate the negative feelings which I would otherwise pickup from others. I would recommend the disc to anyone using computers, working around electrical equipment or working in an environment where peoples negative feelings are discussed and worked with.. Greg Hernon (author of “Flowerbase” the computer package for flower and gem essence therapists. Chairman of the International flower essence standards review committee.

My walk and appearance do not reflect my 86 years.

I have the energy and looks of a 70 year old, and feel confident these are benefits of my Ch’i Energy Disc.

I have worn the Ch’i Energy Disc every day since I received it as a birthday present from my grandson two years ago.

Where once I thought of a twenty five yards as a painful walk, I can now walk a mile without a rest. I am most grateful to John who has followed my progress with enthusiasm and encouragement.

I recommend the Ch’i Energy Disc, without hesitation.

Sydney Roy McGie (Sydney, N.S.W.)

28 years ago prior to wearing my Ch’i Energy Disc I suffered from migraines and headaches for as long as I could remember. During that time, on average I’d have a headache one or two times a week and a migraine at least two a month. Therefore I’d be taking Panadol or aspirin to combat the pain, sometimes taking up to 3000mg of paracetamol in a day. The pain was so severe that many days I’d end up in bed, trying to sleep it off. This has all changed quite considerably since wearing the Ch’i Energy Disc. In the last 18 months since wearing the disc I have only had 3-4 minor headaches and have not needed to take aspirin or paracetamol. In conclusion, I am extremely pleased with the results of wearing the Ch’i Energy Disc and would highly recommend for everyone to wear one. Kathy Earie (N.S.W.)

I have been using the Ch’i Energy Disc for about four years now and as I am extremely sensitive to subtle energies, prior to its use I found I was constantly being knocked around by other peoples energies. Since wearing the Ch’i Energy Disc I find I am able to stay centred, focussed and more rational. In my work in my healing clinic I have found this a great benefit to both myself and my clients. When I am teaching and I find my students attention wandering or them becoming tired I will give them a disc to wear for the class and I have noticed their energy levels pick up and they are alert, contented and able to stay focussed. I also have a pet disc for my dog and since she has been wearing it, she seems more in tune with people and much more receptive to love and playfulness, she has become gentler and seems to have a kinder nature. I would recommend the discs for those working in intuitive fields, around electrical appliances or artificial lighting, for children to centre and calm them, animals and anyone who drives in a car or uses water from their house.

Lesley Antonoff (founder of Renascent, director of The Australian College of Feng Shui & Geomancy, Director of The International College of Gem Essences, Kinesiology Trainer, Metaphysician, Beauty Therapist, Nutritionist, Natural Health Practitioner, Author, International Seminar facilitator)

I find when I’m working on the computer and start feeling tired and lethargic if I put my Chi energy disc on, I suddenly feel re energised and I can work for a lot longer. 

I wasn’t sleeping very well at night until I realised the power point with bedside lamp plugged in and my clock radio were right near my head. Since placing my Chi Energy disc on top of the clock at night, I now sleep a lot better. 

I always wear my Chi Energy disc out to do the grocery shopping. I used to feel totally drained after spending an hour under all those fluorescent lights with so many other people crowding me. Now shopping doesn’t wear me out any more. 

Faye Read (founder of Naissance), midwife, aromatherapy practitioner, mother.

Also available in the Ch’i range are Personal Discs (in plain copper or copper gold / silver plated), Pet Discs, Children Discs, Mobile Phone Discs, Practitioner Discs (for natural health enhancements, chakra / auric alignment & space clearing personally or for the environment), Water Polarisers (to put the correct ‘spin’ back in the water), Chi Energy Balm (for spiritual protection from the debilitating effects of others energies & blessings) Poolatron (for spas, spa baths & swimming pools) and Mains Polarisers. Brochures & full catalogues are available by request, talks are available in demonstrations & use of these products.

DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to replace orthodox or alternative medicine when required. If ill, seek professional advice. The information comes from reported case studies and in3sights. No healing claims are made or implied regarding the use of these products. We do not accept any responsibility for the results of tampering with or attempting to modify these products in any way. All products are checked prior to leaving and if any concerns arise please contact your point of purchase for information. These products are not ‘scientific’ in nature and are not verified by scientific means. They are ‘esoteric’ in nature and operate according to ‘Higher Qi Gong’ principals; a metaphysical science.

For further information contact: Renascent

© Copyright 1995 & 2003 Daryll Mitchell  

The Ch’i energy disc is for today.


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