Mookaite Cubes or Tumbles Best Quality Partly polished


100gms of slightly rough partly tumbled gemstone cubes. Assorted partly tumbled pieces of Mookaite (Australian Jasper), Moss Agate and Tiger Eye, from Australia - Great Value! Best quality  

That's a huge selection - it will make any crystal healer or budding gem collector thrilled!

These pieces are approximately 20-30mm each & beautiful quality. Perfect gem cutting quality, once they have been finished. Great for collectors or healing. What a great gift for anyone who loves gems.  

Why so cheap?

We hand selected these but it is time for them to find new homes.
Varying sizes. Beautiful quality, From Australia. Lovely quality & unusual gems for collectors.

Some information on your pieces:

  • *PLEASE NOTE: To bring a real sparkle to the gems in the above pictures - wet them to show off their true colors, this can be achieved easily with water, hair lacquer, varnish or polishing. 

With other items, sometimes a hand or a coin will be in the picture, simply to show the size more clearly (the coin is not included with the listing).