ORANGE LAB Colour LIQUID Dyes For Liquid Soaps

Liquid dyes, perfect for liquid soaps, colour blending, merging. Highly concentrated lab colours. 
Vegan - Concentrated - Migrating/Bleeding
High Quality Dyes, concentrated Lab Colours. Purchase in liquid or concentrated powder form.
These high quality dyes are beautifully for crafters and will last for ages:
  • 30ml / 250ml / 1Litre Liquid Dyes 
  • 30ml - Easy pour, no drip bottles, seal well, use less dye!
  • Also Available: 250ml & 1 Litre Liquid Dyes - Screw cap, highly economical!
  • Also Available: 1-3gm Powder Vial Dyes (packed by volume, as density varies the weight may also vary) Each vial is enough powder to make up to 300-600ml concentrated dye - Easy storage, make your own dye as you need it, long shelf life (as not mixed with any liquids). Most economical form! (Powder will need to be blended with water or oil prior to use)
  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated - you can dilute down further into purified water if lighter colours are required
  • No animal products
  • Great value & even better savings in a complete set

Pigments are colour stable and will not bleed or colour morph, they will settle to the bottom in liquid soaps - the best choice in colour layers you wish to keep stable and in products that go directly on the skin, eg soap crayons as they will not easily stain.
Dyes - will colour blend, creating lovely fading effects and will hold in suspension in liquid soaps - the best choice for blending layers and in liquids.
  • We have another listing if you wish to buy pigments

  • Australian Made (although we used a Chinese mooncake style mould to pour the coloured soaps into in the pictures)
  • Blend your own colours: Many other colors & shades may be created by varying the mix and quantity

Blend it yourself: 
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue = Yellow = Green
Red + Blue + Yellow = Brown
Blue + Red = Purple
2 Blue + 1 Yellow = Teal

Contains the 5 colours at a reduced price
  • Specifially made for Liquid Soap / Crafts
  • As they are water based, they are not suitable for candles, but perfect in soap and bathing products

  • We state they are only for MP soaps as we cannot ascertain a perfect lye mix in CP or HP although we do supply CP HP soap makers. Colours may morph in HP / CP soaps
    We also stock Mica Shimmers to use as lovely colourants.

Each dye can be used by the drop or by mixing in water which will provide flexibility to either directly undiluted or mixed with liquids To blend with water: add 1ml of dye to approximately 250ml water - this will provide a strong vivid colour, alternatively, just add a few drops directly to your bath product

Why use the Renascent pigments over food dyes / Cheap dyes ?

    • The colours will "bleed" into each other (This creates a lovely ombre effect, eg - if you made a layered red and white soap, in a week or 3 it would be gentle layers of pink)
    • They are of the highest quality
    • Long shelf life
    • Are stable and non toxic
    • You only need 1-2 drops in many cases - your dyes will last for ages
    • Water soluable - easy to use
    • Perfect quality for the best soap making
    • *Caution, these dyes will stain most objects, please take care not to spill when using