ORANGE Pigment Liquid Colour


ORANGE Pigment - Perfect for soap making - Non Bleeding / Migrating, Colour Stable, Won't Blend, Vegan

Food dyes should not be used in soap making as they will fade under certain circumstances and in 2 coloured soap will "bleed" into each other, in a short time instead of a red and white soap - it will be all pink. These pigments will not fade easily nor bleed. (Not for use in Liquid soaps - use our Dyes for these)

To blend with water: add 1ml of pigment to approximately 250ml water/ soap base - this will provide a strong vivid colour, alternatively, just add a few drops directly to your soap base / bath product

  • Easy pour, no drip 30ml bottles, seal well, use less pigment! or Economical 1 litre bottles with screw caps for larger use
  • Use only a tiny amount per batch - highly concentrated
  • TOO PALE: Add more (Some colours may be different depending on amount used, eg adding red to white soap base may appear orange, add more to increase to a red colour)
  • No animal products
  • Use in Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bathing Crystals / Bath Salts

  • Not for use in Lip Balms (we have edible colours for this purpose)

  • Not for use in Candles (Water Based)
  • Many other colors & shades may be created by varying the mix and quantity

  • Colour Stable, Non Fading, Long shelf life, Non Toxic, Long Lasting
  • Water soluable - easy to use
  • Perfect quality for the best soap making
  • A few drops blended through bathing salts will distribute evenly and provide a long lasting all over colours (other dyes may set into some bath salts and then not blend easily through the rest making your prodfuct "patchy")
  • Blend beautifully with the shimmer powders
  • Suitable for cold process, hot process and melt and pour
  • When used for cold or hot process soap, add the pigment to lye water or at trace as required.
  • HINT: Think of adding a drop to a glass of water - the water will appear red, or adding a drop to a glass of milk, the milk will appear pink, this is the same in soap bases, clear bases will give brighter colours with less pigment, in opaque bases you may need to add more pigment to get the brighter colours.

*Caution, these pigments will stain most objects, please take care not to spill when using. If used in bathing crystals - may stain the bath if too much is used, please test thoroughly before use. Often stained baths are due to soap scum absorbing the colour, a magic eraser may take this off.