Owl on a Log Silicone Soap Mould


Fluffy Little Owl resting on a log Silicone Mould

So Sweet - cute little resting owl on a log soap/ candle mould. Hand Crafted, truly beautiful mould to turn your creations into artpieces.

Please note: You are receiving the mould, not the finished product

Product Details:

  • Material of mould: Silicone
  • Approx size of finished product: 80mm high X 40mm Approx'
  • Approx weight of finished soap: 75grams
  • Number of cavities per mould: 1
  • Food grade: No
  • Special Features of this mould: This mould is slit down one side to allow easy release of your finished product
  • Uses: Soaps, Candles, Plaster, Resin
To make the finished soap shown in this image:

Choose any of the Renascent Bath & Body (RBB) MP soap bases, add a few drops of Brown Pigment/Dye into the melted soap, stir. Pour soap base into your mold to fill. Allow to set. 

In the images above you can see the plain brown single pour soap, then the dry brushed on mica shimmers to give a beautiful effect

If you only want 1 colour, then melt your Renascent soap base, colour, fragrance, pour in, set and unmold – lovely!

However, you may also add more details by taking a dry paintbrush and heavily dusting on the RBB Cosmetic Shimmers/micas. We used Red for the trunk and Copper for the owl, with a careful dusting of Pearl in the eye areas, then a little Gold on the beak

You can even hand colour with soap paints after unmoulding 

Poke a tiny hole in the mould and add a wick and you can use the moulds for candles too.