Owls Branches Silicone Mould


3 Owls, Moon & Branch Silicone moulds

These adorable little owls are sitting in the night sky on their branch just waiting for you to make them into fondant cookies or embeds on soap.

Please note they are very tiny and perfect for fondant on biscuits or delicate embed and decorations on top of soap.

Product Details:

  • Material of mould: Silicone
  • Approx size of finished product: 20mm  X 15mm x 5mm thick
  • Approx weight of finished soap: 5grams
  • Number of cavities per mould: 5
  • Food grade: Yes
  • Special Features of this mould: Highly Flexible to allow easy release of your finished product
  • Uses: Soaps, Candles (Need to poke a hole in for the wick), Soy Candle Melts, Chocolate, Ice, Candy, Plaster, Resin, Crafts

Please note: You are receiving the mould, not the finished product. Your mould may be a different colour to the image shown.