Partly Polished 10 x Gemstone Cabachons



  • You Choose the Quantity
  • Great colors
  • Perfect quality - partly polished ready for you to finish or varnish
  • lovely pieces
  • Carnelian, Aventurine, Moss Agate, Bloodstone
  • Hand Cut
  • SIZE: Approx 8-20mm each
  • From my own personal collection, which has sadly grown too big & it is now time to share some of these lovely pieces with someone new!
  • I discovered an enormous jar of these cabachons - cut & partly polished ready for making in to jewellery (or healing / holding / looking at). I will never use them all, so it is time to let them go to a new home.
  • I have seen cabachons retailing at over $14 each - you are getting 10 with this listing! That's terrific value.

*Please note, I have a huge jar of cabs & will be pulling out a handful for this listing. Actual colors, sizes & styles may vary slightly. 

Excellent quality for cutting or terrific for crystal healers!