Pearl Liquid Soap Base Ready To Use


Pearl Liquid Soap Base - Pre blended for you
Ready to Use:

*PLEASE NOTE: Please ask if out of stock. Larger stock available - may take 1 week to make up for you - if urgent, please speak to us to confirm availability

Product Description

A beautifully unscented pearlescent liquid soap base, that simply requires the addition of fragrance  and colour if desired.

Unlike mica which will settle in liquid soaps, this soap base has been created especially to hold the pearlescence in suspension throughout the life of the soap.

Pre blended for you or if used in foamy bottles - add around 20% Liquid soap base to 80% purified water - which will yield 5 x the quantity.

Can be beautifully coloured with Renascent Bath and Body dyes (not the pigments as these will settle to the bottom)

Your skin will love it.

PEARL is a white creamy lotion with no added fragrance. It combines mild detergents with unique moisturising and conditioning agents.

PEARL has been designed as an “all over” body wash, shampoo and hand cleaner.

PEARL is suitable for all amenities such as toilets, change rooms and showers, as well as retail outlets such as hair dressing salons. PEARL can also be applied through most liquid soap dispensers.

♦ Contains moisturising agents – prevents skin and hair form becoming dry and brittle, while leaving a luxurious “after feel”
♦ Add your own unique fragrances which leaves a fresh residual fragrant to the skin and hair
♦ White pearlescence
♦ Phosphate Free formulation
♦ Fully biodegradable

♦ Product registered under Accord’s Recognised Environmental Credentials Scheme”


To colour this product you can also select:

  • LAB COLOURS - these are 1-3gm powdered vials which when blended with water will make up to 600mls of concentrated dye
  • LIQUID DYES - These are already blended for you in a kit of 5 colours (30ml each)
  • *Please make sure you select the DYES not PIGMENTS as the pigments will settle in liquid soaps, the DYES are Australian made, excellent quality, perfect vivid concentrated colours.