Plastic Tubing - For Incense Sticks/Packaging


Plastic tubing / tube packaging, 

Lay Flat Poly Tubing

  • Measurements  = As per drop down list
  • Length = As per drop down list
  • Cut to your desired length
  • Approximately 150um
  • PLEASE NOTE - we cut to order in the full roll when ordered and may take up to 2 weeks to get in stock
  • This tubing is open ended and can be easily sealed with a heat sealing machine (available very cheaply online)

    Slide your products in and fold over with tape or heat seal the ends

    Will easily fit 10ml bottles or incense sticks

    For gifts or perhaps to sell ? Everyone will be love your creations with these beautiful incense blanks designed to go with the Renascent incense making kit.

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