Pure Silk Enriched Conditioner


This beautiful Conditioner is packed with herbal extracts,  Keratin and protein to make your hair glossy and smooth.

It is honestly the most beautiful conditioner we have ever used in our hair all of our clients that have tried it out head over heels in love with it if you're not sure before you commit to a purchase you can always ask us for a sample pack with any order

Ingredients include:

Coconut oil karma hydrolyzed silk protein, Extracts of Melissa, Juniper, pine leaf, gentian, St John's Wort, Arnica, red clover, alfalfa, chamomile, keratin protein.

Very lightly floral fragrance although you could easily personalize it to your own range with a gorgeous pearlescent white appearance.

Take a respite from your commercial Conditioners, your hair will love it