Quartz Crystal #2 Point Gemstone Crystals x 2


2 X QUARTZ CRYSTALS gem stones, rare, Natural

#2 (we also have #1 and #3 available)

Please note these are not completely perfect crystals and some of the may have the tips broken off but they will be a selection from the actual photograph in this listing

Beautiful little gems, natural crystals and unpolished

Natural CLEAR - WHITE Colours

Hold in your hand and roll around to release their soothing healing properties

Great for any budding gemmologist, to build a collection or just to look pretty.

Most children love pretty stones (caution, not for young children as small stones may present a choking hazard)

  • New
  • 2 Stones
  • Natural Colours
  • Approximate size 25-60mm each
  • These are really special little treasures, usually you do not find these sweet little gems in this form
  • Please note, we will be making a selection from the picture for you - allow us to intuitively choose the most appropriate 2 for you