Rose Leaf, 3 Petaled Leaves


High Quality Fabric Leaf to press onto your rose stems / flowers to create authentic Rose Soaps

Now you can make your rose soaps even more special:

  • Simply create a Single Rose Bud soap / candle using the single rose mould
  • Take a small amount of melted soap / wax and drip onto the base of your finished Rose product
  • Press the leaf on to the above product
  • Take the Green Bamboo Stem / Covered Wire and poke through the perfectly round hole in the fabric leaf and push up into the soap / candle
  • Your fabric leaf can be pressed up around the rose or folded down for a different petal effect
  • If you wish to present it even more beautifully, scrunch up a little tissue paper or cellophane into the rose box and place the rose, leaf and stem into the box
  • *Tip, if you want to ensure your MP soap doesn't sweat or smear in the box, shrink wrap the rose before you begin to package
  • Approximately 50 per pkt - although this can vary as they are packaged by weight

Make Your Soap/ Candle Roses Complete:

Click HERE for the Single Rose Silicone Mould

Click HERE for the Rose Presentation Boxes

Click HERE for the Rose Petal Leaves 6

Click HERE for the Covered Wire Rose Stems

Rose Stems in Green Bamboo coming soon