Seaweed Plastic x 10

Plastic Seaweed for decorations, toys, bath time fun or Fish in a Bag Soaps.
10 Plastic SEAWEED to make fish in a bag soaps/crafts/toys
Use in a Fishtank OR:
To make 'FISH IN A BAG' SOAPS - Use for crafts or just great plastic toys
Click on the above images for some great ideas - the coloured soaps are made using the pigment dyes and the soap art pieces are made from our workshops - you are buying the entire kit! 
10 pieces of individual plastic seaweed
Perfect for using as toys in Aquariums or place one piece inside your fish in a bag soap art kits to add a unique quality  to it

Each strand of seaweed measures approximately 15 cm to 17 cm you are getting 10 pieces per packet.
They will come in shades of green ones and some with pink tips also
Each bag is a mixed variety and may not contain all colours

Make your own Soap Art Soap:
  • You are getting a selection of 10 Seaweed shown in the above image, take a look at the photo with the ruler to get an idea of size - approx' 120mm - Please note colours and style may vary a little
  • We also stock sea creatures and fish in our other listings
  • great for special gifts!  
  • HIGH QUALITY - won't melt or mishape when you add your soap base
  • Great fun idea for kids parties, school projects or rainy day activities AND you end up with a lovely craft you can use 
To make Fish in a bag soap:
  • Melt your clear Renascent soap base (microwave or stove top)
  • Add a few drops of your chosen Renascent fragrance
  • Add a (VERY TINY) drip of pigment dye if you want your water slightly coloured
  • Add a fish to your cellophane bag

  • Holding the bag at the top (this is often easier being a 2 person job) carefully pour the melted soap in.

  • Tie the bag at the top and hang (I have a plastic indoor clothes hanger with pegs on it that is perfect for this job), you can also place the top weighted under something so it hangs straight down (this bit is important to allow your bag to look like it is filled with water and just ‘hanging’ there once set.

  • If you fish has gone belly up (looking a bit like a dead fish) this is the perfect time to carefully give a few bends and pokes to get it the right way around. Sometimes it helps to wedge it’s ‘nose’ into the corner which may hold it there.

  • Alternatively you may like to poke a thin piece of wire through your fish to suspend it in the soap, once the soap is nearly set, carefully pull the wire out of the bag leaving the fish there.

  • Another alternative is to add a tiny bit of soap to the bag and let it set with the fish poking up, then once set, fill the bag with melted soap and it should hold in the place you left it.

  •  Allow to set

A fantastic gift for kids - at around $1 each, fantastic for school fetes too